About Us

McLemore Auction Company, LLC conducts real estate and personal property auctions in Middle Tennessee.  Using powerful technology and innovative practices for both live and internet auctions, the company offers services never before available to consumers in the region.

The website www.mclemoreauction.com has been carefully honed into one of the most efficient sales tools available to sellers of all manner of property. The website provides maximum exposure and positive results for sellers utilizing either live or online auctions. The supreme flexibility of the company's sales model ensures that the nature of the sale governs the structure of the auction, not the other way around.

Regardless of the chosen method, when McLemore Auction Company, LLC agrees to conduct an auction, a staff team photographs and inventories all items for sale and posts the catalog on the website. Then, following a designated inspection period, all items are sold to the highest bidder. In today's hectic, fast-paced environment, the ability to provide a sales environment based on competitive bidding and convenience for buyers ensures optimal results for all sellers.

And unlike many other providers of online auctions, including proprietors of eBay, drop off stores, and trading assistants, McLemore Auction Company, LLC is licensed by the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission. This ensures compliance with the highest standards of business practices and procedures in the auction industry.

Corporate Headquarters

470 Woodycrest Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210