It is a testament to the level of service provided by McLemore Auction Company, LLC that so many of the firm's previous clients have seen fit to offer letters of reference and recommendation after their auctions. Please use the links below to view these letters and see what the clients have had to say.

Regarding the auction of Original Art by Paul Penczner from the Penczner Art Gift to Benefit the University of Tennessee Foundation
Regarding the auction of office furniture conducted to benefit the People Helping People Fund.
Regarding the auction of diamond jewelry for the Estate of C and C Promotions, INC. in Bankruptcy Case # 07-11268-FJB.
Regarding the real estate and personal property auctions conducted to carry out the liquidation of Barker-Phillips, Inc. and to settle the estate of John W. Barker.
Regarding the real estate and personal property auctions conducted to settle the estate of her father, J. L. Franklin.
Regarding the auction for an electrical supply store looking to reduce their inventory and clear space.
Regarding the auction of a large military modeling kit collection, military history literature, and other items belonging to the estate of Alvin James
Regarding the auction of furniture and other items at a moving sale conducted from 934 Fatherland St., Nashville, TN.
Regarding the auction of Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Books belonging to her family.
Regarding the auction of items from the estate of Donald Dillingham, her father.