Buying at auction

There are several potential advantages to purchasing goods at auction.  Auction bidders can purchase unique items not available in any other venue at attractive prices compared to retail outlets.  The key is the competitive bidding process in which prices are not set arbitrarily but are set by the bidders themselves and so represent fair market value.  Online auctions have the added advantage of convenience for the bidders who can bid from their own computers on their own schedule.

Vehicles, equipment, antique furniture, fine art and other items may be suitable for the home or business. There is no fee to participate in the auctions though registration is required. Please note that the registration and bidding process is slightly different for online and live real estate auctions. The detailed instructions found in the following pages will be extremely useful for those wishing to bid in any of the auctions offered by McLemore Auction Company.

If you should have any questions about the bidding process for any of the auctions, please contact an auction representative at 615-517-7675. The basic process for buying at auction is as follows:

  1. Registering for a bidder account
  2. Viewing the catalog online and/or inspecting the property in person
  3. Bidding in an auction
  4. Paying for your purchases
  5. Picking up your purchased items or having them shipped to you.