Personal Property Auctions

McLemore Auction Company, LLC sells personal property, including vehicles, equipment, art and antiques, via internet only auction.

Terms and Conditions

We encourage bidders to read the Terms and Conditions for each auction in detail. The terms and conditions will include specific information regarding the timing of the bidding, payment requirements, inspection details and pickup requirements.  Before placing a bid, bidders must check a confirmation box affirming that they have read and understand the conditions for that sale.


Registration with a valid credit card is required before placing a bid in an online auction.  The credit card is used only to secure one's bids and will only be charged at the owner's request or if the payment period for an auction has elapsed.  All personal and financial information will be kept private in keeping with the company's privacy policy.  Once an individual registers for a bidding account with the password of their choosing, they will receive a permanent bidding number via email.  This number will serve as their permanent account number for all future auctions.  Bidders will be required to login to the bidding system using both their bidding number and their password before placing a bid.


McLemore Auction Company, LLC makes all personal property auction inventory available for inspection before the auction closes. The company strongly encourages bidders to inspect all items before bidding. Bidders may find the inspection schedule and location on the details page of each auction.


There are two ways to place a bid in an online auction:

  • Submit your bid directly. You will notice two windows where you may submit your bids on any item we are selling. If you wish to bid a specific amount on an item, enter that amount into the window on the left under the heading "Your Bid". Please note that your bid amount must match or exceed the amount displayed under "Next Bid Required".
  • Submit your maximum bid. Bids will be entered on your behalf, according to the standard bid increments, up to the amount of your maximum bid. The software will not allow you to bid against yourself and only advances the bid as others bid against you.


All buyers must pay for their purchases in full at the conclusion of the auction and have the choice of paying via one of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Certified Check
  • Cashier's Check
  • Money Order
  • Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover) will be accepted only for purchases up to $5,000. Payment for purchases above $5,000 must be made via certified funds.
  • Wire Transfer (Please note: a $15 service fee will apply to all payments via wire transfer. For wire transfer instructions, please email
  • Personal and Company checks from bidders who have established a good history with McLemore Auction Company, LLC will be accepted at the sole discretion of the management.

Pickup and Shipping

All items may be picked up from their current location once McLemore Auction Company, LLC has received and acknowledged payment in full. Buyers are responsible for rigging, loading, and moving all items purchased without assistance from McLemore Auction Company, LLC.  Shipping may be available based on the terms and conditions of each auction and in accordance with the company's stated shipping policies.