Professional-Grade Woodworking Equipment, Tools, Laser Machine and Live Edge Slabs (100)

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Dive into our latest auction featuring a comprehensive collection of woodworking equipment and tools. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a hobbyist, this auction has everything you need to equip your workshop. Our selection includes high-quality saws for precise cutting, dust collection systems to maintain a clean work environment, and a variety of both power and hand tools to tackle any project. Highlighting our offerings is a Boss Laser Machine, perfect for intricate designs and detailed work. Also up for bid are sturdy pallet racking and spacious work tables, providing the ideal setup for any workspace. For those interested in unique materials, we have a selection of live edge slabs, ready to be transformed into stunning pieces. This auction is a fantastic opportunity for woodworkers to acquire premium tools and materials, as everything will sell to the highest bidder no matter the price. A 10% buyer's premium applies.

Auction Manager:
Ron Daniel, II
(731) 607-0789

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