Huge Firearm Collection with Classic Colts and Smith & Wessons, Rare Pistols and Rifles, WWI and WWII Military Guns, Hunting Guns and Many More with Many Still in Box (132)

All items closed

McLemore Auction Company, LLC will sell Ruger Super Redhawks, new in box pocket pistols, a WWI Colt US Army 1911, a Mauser C96, Smith and Wesson revolvers ranging from early rare models to modern shooters, European Unique 17s and 51s, rare Brownings, High Standard, brand new Glock 17s, Walther, shotguns from Savage, Remington, Winchester and more including a Winchester 101 Made in Japan still in box with 3 barrels, Weatherby, an AR-15, and more to the highest bidders regardless of price at online auction.

Auction Manager:
Chris Lewis
(912) 243-0345

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